Our Plan

Hands-On Education


Connect with What's Around You


Engage and Inspire



Public Works are Amazing!

First Responders.  Life-Giving Resources.  Millions Served Affordably, Dependably - Every Day!

We Want to Tell Everyone

There are few if any, hands-on, STEM-focused, educational facilities focused on the full range of public works -- which is odd, since our modern civilization wouldn't exist without the water, transportation, and energy systems that keep us going!  

These important industries will come alive as visitors experience the stories of modern infrastructure in their daily lives.  Our Master Plan details how we will deliver the vision and mission that will drive the Experience.

But our Plan is not Cheap

The cost to build our envisioned Master Plan is over $10M!  

A Methodical Strategy

We have confirmed a sustainable, operations plan for the built Experience, and most recently, we completed a capital campaign feasibility study.  Now, we are preparing to embark on our Capital Campaign.  

Funding the Capital Project

We are confident in the generosity of our community, and the many and diverse industries that are Public Works.  Mostly, we are confident that our mission of education is of tremendous value at many different levels.  Our capital campaign will yield success!

But First Things First...

We will need additional funds to get our Campaign off the ground, and to continue to drive the process going forward.  So please consider supporting our efforts!